What I Learned In The First 20 Years Of My Life

Three years ago today when I was lying on my bed in my small dorm room I wrote down what I have learned in 18 years and now as I am about to turn 21, I am sitting in a slightly bigger dorm room, on a much cosier bed, writing about what has changed in my life since then and what have I learned. 

Life Happens

I am this kid who plans every single thing, I am like one of those huge companies who have their 20 year strategies. However, the truth is, those plans don't really work, simply because life happens. This is not something negative, I don't think most of those plans are meant to be happening anyway. People change, life happens and we make new plans. Perhaps plans falling apart simply means growing.

Take Some Time Out

If ever a time comes in your life where the most interesting thing you did that day is eating or washing the dishes, that means you are about to burn yourself out. I learned this the hard way, but we human beings are not machines, we need to take some time out for ourselves and do something we love doing.


This is a word that came into my life 2 years ago and changed quite a lot. I always had multiple interests but always thought I could only be one thing. Today, I am more than ready to ditch all the traditional ways of existing and creating my own path in this universe. Today I am not afraid of getting involved with any form of science and art.


This is a world I love dearly. At some point I have realised I am who I am for a lot reasons and there is no point in acting the way people expect me to act. I started walking out of places that made me uncomfortable, started speaking my mind more, showed people where I stand on certain areas without attacking their opinions. Learned how to embrace my quirks, and most importantly decided to live my life, the way I like.

Nostalgia is a Dangerous Business

As I once said, I despise nostalgia for it makes me sentimental, reminiscence is only good for a night that one must wake up. It is easy to get caught up into the joy of nostalgia as we grow older, but the harsh truth is; nothing grows in the past. I am done with the past, lets enjoy the now.

Beautiful People

There are still so many beautifully kind and loving people on this planet, and I am grateful for each and every one of them. I have learned so much from all these people that my path have crossed with, these people does genuinely care, and try to help in times of darkness. The ones that were not so kind to me; I am grateful for them as well for I learned as much from them, and I don't regret the times spent with them.

I'll Be Fine

There will be good days, there will be bad days, but at the end of the day I will say "I'll be fine", cause that's what I do, cause no matter what, as long as I am alive I'll be fine. 


Although there are so many things I learned throughout the years, I decided to keep this post short, cause I'm still young and got a million more things to learn. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed reading this, you can read 18 things I learned before I turned 19 if you wish

With Love,

Try The Impossible