Communicating That Genius

- A Reflective Piece -

-24.01.18 - Can Creativity Save Us ? by Darren Henley - Grand Challenges Lecture -

On the evening of 24th of January, I got the chance to listen Darren Henley who is the Chief Executive of the Arts Council on the topic of weather if creativity can save us. The lecture question was the main attraction to me to attend this lecture, which was a part of the Grand Challenges Lectures organised by the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, which I am a student of. The answer is; Yes, creativity can save us but it comes with conditions.

Creativity can only saves us through the acceptance of the importance of Art

It is an undeniable fact that art is meant to make a society feel something, make it move towards a brighter future in the times of darkness and cause changes for better as I like to hope. Darren Henley, talked about how creativity should cause changes, praised Keele University and Staffordshire's 2021 City of Culture Bid, which I must say that the city is going to great places even though it couldn't win the bid to be the 2021 city of culture.

However, as a science student I probably felt different about this lecture than the people who are occupied with humanities/art related subjects. As a science student I felt encouraged to create more, be more involved with arts and culture. Henley talked about the Nobel Laureates who were all involved in some kind of art whether it was music, acting, painting or writing. It really reminded me the importance of taking some time to be creative, use my creativity in other areas than the science.

According to a research done in Michigan State University, Nobel winning scientist are 2.85 times more likely to be engaged in some sort of artistic hobby compared to an average scientist. Having a creative outlet, taking some time out of your daily routine to do something must have positive impacts on a person that enhances the productivity. My personal tutor has also reminded me on many occasions to take some time out and have some hobbies. In recent years of my university life, I have started to realise that, it may be the only way of preventing the feeling of burnt-out. 

Creativity in the lab

The other day I was in the chemistry lab, and our task was to synthesise Naladixic Acid. Due to the nature of the reaction I had long waiting times, I had to wait for 90 minutes for my reactants to mix up so I did some observations. If you ever had to measure something liquid in the lab, you would know that you have many different options as to which tool to use. You can use a pipette, a funnel and a measuring cylinder, a micro pipette and probably other methods I can't think of right now. I opted for a pipette and a measuring cylinder, some other people thought of using a micro-pipette which you can set the exact amount you want to use. What I am trying to say is, creativity is everywhere in our lives, even in science branches with extremely positivist approaches.

Genius is enhanced by the ability to communicate that genius

Another words of wisdom from Henley that I would like to quote is; Genius is enhanced by the ability to communicate that genius. This quite was again related to Nobel laureates if I remember correctly. Over the years of being in education I had met so many people who were people which I would dare to call geniuses, but they were unable to communicate their ideas, and their topics through their teaching that it was usually uncomfortable to listen them. Perhaps, it is really necessary to pay more attention to those communication skills lectures, but do they actually teach you how to communicate ? and as Henley asked; Can you teach how to be creative ? 

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