On coming back to home


It's like I ran away from the gloomy weather that Staffordshire seemed to be accommodating in the first few days of June. However, the truth is when the right time showed up in the horizon, I packed up all my belongings and walked myself to home. Although I consider this journey back to this sunny island as a journey back to home, I left home to come back to home.

I am currently sitting on my bed, white linens, window behind me, my beige curtain half up, sunlight illuminating the room even though the sun rays are not visible. I just read a book, and a mellow music is playing through my laptop's speakers while I am writing this. I feel like time stops in this island from time to time. It's quite but loud at the same time in a way that I can't describe.


I started writing this post with the aim to reflect what it feels like to come back to home, home being where my loved ones are in, but I do realise that it is possible to make a home out of strange places and people. At the end you get accustomed to people, the places, the weather and even to the idea that home is not a place or a person. Home is within yourself, as I like to call it, because it's the only way to leave everyone and everything behind to start a new life....


Being back at my family home; feels good, feels too easy. I think by now I am used to that life of managing on my own that being at my moms feels too easy, as if I am not growing to my fullest potential.

Being back in Cyprus is always nice, sunny weather, homemade lemonades, spending time with my family. I get some rest, catch up with my old friends, read the books I have been buying, travel around the island, have coffee at midnight and drive back to home when the sun is about a few hours away to rise once again.


This is the place I was born, I love it most of the time, but the truth to be told there are many things I hate about it as well. For the sake of positivity I will keep them to myself. I am hoping to write more about my favourites of Cyprus in the following weeks, so I would strongly suggest you to watch this space.



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