this need for sun on my skin


15.05.17 Recently I have been finding myself slipping into a daydream of being in somewhere warm with a little bit of a summer breeze,

maybe Italy.

It's quite and I have nothing to do, but in a good way.

No worry, care free. 

Feeling the sun on my skin and living in a place with lots of plants, the radio is playing some music, that I don't understand the lyrics of,

I'm just chillin, but it's as if I am waiting for something like the scenes you see in the movies,

the prodigy, the hero, is retired, living in some faraway island, and for the follow up movie they come back for him, something came up and he needs to un-retire. Then he is like 'I'm Back' and goes back to that fast life, full of dangers.

I guess I'm just tired, it's been a long tiring year already. I am ready to call it a year and go back to my sunny island and espresso for breakfast and naps in the afternoon and sangria in the evening.

In a way I need to retire for a few months, until I miss this life of constantly struggling to achieve.

As a success driven person, this need for sun on my skin, summer breeze with plants is new for me but for the sake of story you gotta let me rest for a few moths


Try The Impossible