Mandela Effect


This is something I came across in one of those dodgy Facebook pages where they are trying to convince you that there is so much going on, and how there are secret projects and a few human beings controlling the world. Although I don't want to comment on these claims, I can not say that I can reject them. So I came across a video of this 13 years old "genius" kid talking about alternative universes and this thing called Mandela Effect So I decided to look into it,

Basically Mandela effect is a collective false memory, where many people remember things in a different way than they were. Such as Pikachu having a black line at the end of it's tail, while in reality it doesn't. Or Nelson Mandela dying in 1980s, while in fact he died in 2013. Apparently Mandela Effect is also coined after Nelson Mandela and many people remembering his death in 80s.

I am curious whether if we actually shifted from one alternative universe to the next one as this kid was talking about or is this just a psychological issue on a mass level caused by several false news and the effects of the globalised world.

Let me know what you think about this down in the comments and you can find some sources I found down below;

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