Contradictions in a Train on a Gloomy Day


It's a cold day,

my body is cold today.


I sit in a train , waiting, it's a bit warmer. I fall deep in thoughts till I realise the train is already moving to a future.

I think about the future.

Where do I want to be in the future.

There are so many possibilities. Yet the idea of not being happy with the place I am, scares me.

I know whatever I'll do, it will be in a different manner, I always seem to do things differently. I am also a happy person by nature. I can be happy, find positivity in anywhere, until I realise 'this is not what I want to do' then all I can wish for is the willpower to change the situation I am in. I guess that's what I am scared of.

Not being able to run away from that place, that I am not happy in

I am still in the train, we're somewhere between Stoke and Manchester. I see old, red brick houses, lots of green and grey clouds up in the sky. Life is scary sometimes, Living can be tiring. I want cosy, comfortable, warm rooms. Then I get bored of it.....

Congleton, it seems like a small British town. Are they happy here ? it seems comfy. Would I like a place like this ?


I hope you liked this post, these are some stuff I wrote on a train journey on 4th of April 2017, and thought I would show you what was going on in my mind on a grey, cloudy, gloomy day in England.

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