So I Took Myself to a Study Date

So I took myself to a study date, by myself, for myself. Recently I haven't been as motivated as I used to be, so I decided to get out of my usual studying environment. I took the bus to town this morning and went to the Cafe Nero, this coffee shop in Newcastle-Under-Lyme has such a cosy vibe that I've always wanted to study here and spend some. However, since I live on campus, I don't realy get to hang out around these places and I just end up studying either in my Uni library or in my room.

So just for a change I went to the Cafe Nero, ordered a bowl of porridge with jam and a big cup of Mocha with cream on top. The Baristas were so lovely I must add. Ohh and Why porridge you may ask, well it's all because of one of my flatmates, she loves ~really loves~ porridge and she talks about it, so I ended up trying porridge and actually liked and I guess it's just a permanent effect on me know. You can check out her Instagram, you can probably find many bowls of porridge in her feed, here.

Then I went to the local library after a few hours in this cute, cosy coffee shop. It was nice, I got a ton of studying, which I am feeling really good about. Then I met with a few friends, again in Cafe Nero, for a cup of espresso. It was a good, productive day. I think I deserve another episode of '13 reasons why', which I got pretty much obsessed with it, but trying to watch it slowly. You should check it out, if you haven't yet.

So yeah that's pretty much it, hope you enjoyed this random piece of post. Sometimes it's a good thing to get away from your everyday life and work on yourself, for yourself, by yourself.


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