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Go Offline There are times you just need to go offline, just to keep your mental health in a perfect state. In a time where we are connected to the rest of the world all the time, not taking some time off from it may be a bit daunting and tiring. Although I find it hard to go offline and get some rest, recently I have been trying to take some days off from posting to my Instagram for a day, or just not doing anything creative on the internet. However, even in that case, social media can put you into a state of mind where you feel like failing rather than inspiring and motivating you.

So here are 5 things to do to recharge and get some rest when you go offline


1.Go Out For a Walk and Explore

Turn your wifi and mobile data off and go out for a walk and actually explore the place you're living. Don't worry about capturing that moment for your story, just walk, breathe in the air and listen, listen closely. You will feel refreshed when you're back at home. I realised that, although going out for a walk will get you tired physically, you will be recharged and refreshed mentally.

2. Read a Book

Remember that book you bought months ago, but had no time to read. Go offline an hour before bad and read it to yourself to sleep. As studies suggest that, not being exposed to computer/phone light will get you a better sleep and you will go to sleep in a refreshed and inspired state of mind

3.Call Your Parents/Friends

We got used to texting/messaging/emailing each other so much that, we do forget to actually call the people we love and care. Although this is not exactly going offline, this will freshen up your mind and warm your heart. At the end of this phone or Skype call you are more likely to hang up more inspired and off course more in touch with your loved ones.

4. Get Some Sleep

Instead of scrolling through your Instagram feed or whatever you scroll through in the middle of the night, go to sleep a bit earlier and get some sleep. Personally, I feel like I am missing out and not living by sleeping, but it is an undeniable fact that we all need sleep. So go offline, get some sleep and have a hygge morning when you wake up

5. Watch a Movie in Your Bed

When was the last time you watched a movie with your full attention, so this time turn your wifi off, put your choice of movie on and immerse yourself into that movie. Only then you'll truly enjoy that movie and clear your head.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this post…

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