18 things I learned before I turned 19

This is a list for myself to remember all the things on days I seem to forget what I learned before I turning 19, 

  1. Everything will be fine at the end. I know this sounds cheesy and a some kind of romanticised phrase, you grow up to realise this is true, you stay alive and keep moving, keep living and everything gets better
  2. You have to love yourself for who you are. Lets be honest we all did stupid things in the past, but you know what I realised ? The most stupid thing I did was letting all those things from my past haunt me. Once you realise you are not who you were in the past and you are who you are now, you will be free.
  3. Let others help you. For a long time I tried to fight with the whole world by myself and ended up in a war against myself. Just like once my father told me once “You can’t discover world by yourself”. No one in the history achieved something great by themselves. Let others help you and stop trying to control everything.
  4. You’re not only one thing, you’re a combination of many.You love coffee, chocolate and photography, you have so many interests. You love the way there are so many ways to brew coffee, you love how you can capture a moment forever. You love how you can forget everything when you’re in a lab and just be the experimenter. And this list goes on and on.
  5. You have to get out of your comfort zone. Once you get out of that zone you will find yourself 3330 miles away from the place you call home just to realise home is just a feeling, the way the people you loved saying your name. After that you learn anything is possible and you can achieve anything.
  6. You don’t have to be a hero. For years I chased perfection just to realise there is no such thing. You are not perfect in so many ways and that’s okay you don’t have to be, you don’t have to save the world and be back at home for dinner. But that doesn’t mean you weren’t brave
  7. You can trust them. Everyone has this kind of friends and family, maybe it takes some time to realise that you can trust them about anything but once you realise that, you will know that they will always be on your side to protect you against anything
  8. Music is the food of soul. It is perhaps the greatest invention of humans. Music will be there to help you when you just can not understand how you feel. There will be always a song to help you. Also you can listen and love any kind of music and any artist cause they all have the same purpose. Making music. Don’t let them judge you with the music you listen.
  9. You only need to believe in yourself. You can believe in anything you want. You can be religious or not. If you don’t believe in any god or luck that’s fine. You only need to believe in your own self.
  10. You’re a work in progress. You are in a process of realising who you are and what you want to do. You can’t expect to know everything all at once. That’s fine you have to think and find answers for your own questions, not other peoples, because at the end you will be the one living this life not others.
  11. Travelling is wonderful. It’s something really amazing to walk in a city you never been in before. Even though it scares you, you will realise you have this wanderlust, to get lost in a city for a day and find your own way and see new places and take lots of photos.
  12. Cook and Eat the way you want. You don’t have to be a vegan or go sugar-free, one day you will wake up and want to eat plants, the other day all you want might be a cheeseburger and that’s fine. You don’t need any label, you know what you’re doing.
  13. Plants are friends too. One day you will come to your flat with a plant, excited, already a name in your mind for him because plants are friends too. You will enjoy laying on the grass at your parents garden and watch the butterflies fly under the flowers and trees.
  14. Coffee is great. Green tea is great too but you like coffee more and thats fine. Don’t be afraid, go ahead learn more about it, try new types of it and let people judge you because you know what does real, good coffee tastes like.
  15. Learn to accept compliments. You will learn to appreciate the people who compliments you and what you do. You will realise that you can do great things sometimes and you have to realise that you can be better than you thought
  16. Read ! Read ! Read ! Read everything, you always loved reading and reading is great. You learn so many things that way so whether it’s a website about some random thing that’s been bugging you all day that you decided to look up or a novel. Read anything that makes you feel good
  17. Take a photo of it. It doesn’t matter what it is, trust me you will want to remember it at a later time. So take a picture of everything, it might be person or a plant or the coffee you had with a friend at that coffee shop. Take a picture of it, capture that moment forever.
  18. Collect memories not things. For a long time I tried collecting many things to remember some place, a person or a moment. In fact I only come to realisation that all I need is to live in that moment and collect the memories because whether it’s a good or bad memory, you’re alive and every moment you’re alive there is a possibility that it will turn out to be great.