Resistance to Monochrome

To lose the colour or not ?

We had another monochrome session with the photography society and I am always resistant to going all black and white. Nevertheless, there are some black and white from that session and some other photos I took during the week.

It's been a busy week recently, I have been trying to keep up with studying and getting the assignments done, hence the absence from the instagram and the blog. I didn't even open Lightroom to edit photos for the last two weeks. Today I finished an assignment, so I decided to give myself the night to edit some photos, finish up writing a blog post, light a candle and have some tea with almond milk. 

Highlights of this set of photos would be; country side, emerging from the darkness, losing the colour, are you brave enough to show your colours, and sunsets that brings you to tears, coffee and poetry.

Hope you enjoy...

Try The Impossible