I am Soner, also known as  'Try The Impossible' around the internet. I was born in a small island called Cyprus in 1997, raised and had a happy childhood in that small island. Then I decided to continue my journey in the UK by studying an interdisciplinary science degree in Keele University.

You're now wandering in my creative outlet, and probably thinking who does this kid think he is ?

Well here is who I think I am;

  • A coffee lover, literally any kind of coffee except instant coffee, no coffee is better than bad coffee.
  • A science enthusiast, I have been interested in science since I was 8 probably, that's why I am studying an interdisciplinary science degree, which is a degree that you get to study and trained in 3 different science fields. Science stuff that I am interested in includes, but is not limited to, CRISPR, Sustainability, Biofortification, New drug and molecule developments and many other stuff that I am learning everyday.
  • I love positivity, motivation, self-love and all that stuff without getting too cheesy, so you'll find many of that stuff in this blog.
  • I take an incredible amount of photos everyday that I don't even have enough time to edit them, but one thing you should know is that I am all about that aesthetics and perfectionist in my photography


Try The Impossible