I am Soner, also known as  'Try The Impossible' around the internet. I was born in a small island called Cyprus in 1997, raised and had a happy childhood in that small island. Then I decided to move to the UK to study an interdisciplinary science degree in Keele University.


More about me...


I've always been a curious kid about how things work in our universe. So I have been pursuing a life of science and education. Currently I am Natural Sciences student in Keele University. Natural Science is an interdisciplinary science degree that you get to study and trained in 3 different science fields. 

My Interests are; CRISPR, Sustainability, Biofortification, New drug and molecule developments, Antibiotic Resistance, Interdisciplinary Education and Research 

Have been a member of Royal Society of Chemistry since 2016 and a Student Voice Representative of my course since 2017


To have a section named art makes me uncomfortable since I would not dare to call myself an artist for my respect of the all artists that have created and will be creating. However, the creative side of me, which desires to create causes me to go to great lengths to satisfy the need for a certain aesthetic. Hence, I would strongly urge you to have a look at my photography blog  or my instagram if you are curious what my creative side has been up to.